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Hoyas tough grit gets the win over UConn 72-69

Posted on: January 9, 2010 8:28 pm
Hoyanation and friends, all I can say is my my my, what a game, I just have to say it again, what a game!  I knew the game would be like this,  I was ready for it.  I knew this game wouldn't be easy, but I did know the Hoyas would prevail.  Yes, even when they were down.   I was like, "those worked awful this summer when is it going to come out?"  I kept looking at the clock.  The first half ended with the Hoyas scoring the last bucket.  A bucket they needed before the half to give them "some kind of momentum.:"  During halftime I my military bearing was settling in me and I was thinking, "what would I do if I were a coach and we went into the locker room at the hal?"  You don't wanna know, so I'll leave it at that!    Whatever it was, it worked because the Hoyas made thier minds up and fought with everything that had and won the Big East Showdown against the Huskies home at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC on a sunny beautiful afternoon day.

The rebounding became "contagious" after that with Greg Monroe and Julian Vaughn   Good job by the other freshman Hollis Thompson, the little things he does sure adds up to the big picture as well as his teammates.  Hoyas (12-2 3-1 BE) win 79-62 in Big East thrilla as UConn (11-4 2-2 BE) blows 18 point lead.  I wouldn't even say UConn blew a the lead, the Hoyas took the lead!  Team Hoyas took matters into their own hands with super sophomore Austin Freeman leading the way.with great, tough nitty gritty
Georgetown basketball.The Hoyas "scrapped" and got the job done. The freshman, Jerrelle Benimon, was a beast off of the bench. I know the freshman is very proud of himself. Grabbing key rebounds on both ends of the floor gave the Hoyas a lifts during those tough moments.

At halftime I walked over and saw Chris Wright's dad and I told him, "we are gonna win this game, it was amazing because there's was not a doubt in my mind that Hoyas would win." By the way, did ya'll see Chris Wright's sister dancing on the big screen near the very end of the game, lol, she knew the game was over before it was over, way to go Ms. Zakia Wright, lol. A "true" Hoya sister.

There were so many people who didn't believe me when I said the Hoyas would win especially when were down 18 points.  I was like do they know about the Big East or better yet, where is ye faith.  I know I saw "faith in adversity" out there today, I do know this, and this was so so beautiful to see.  For some reason, I don't know what it is, I always know when I'm down or my team is down, I just always BELIEVE, we're gonna win no matter how far we're down.  That's what I'm out there for all the way to the end of the game to "believe and overcome".  It seems to lift my teams up to the point where they "prevail" and overcome "adversity".

The great thing about it, it's "totally amazing" seeing this happen at that precise moment.  This game remined of a game I coached at the basketball camp.  We were down, but I told my team to be "scrappy and go get it" and they did.  I couldn't believe we won the game and that's what I was out there for, LOL, oh my my my.  What a game.  The referees, NO COMMENT!  EVER!  We'll do our normal routine Hoyanation and play hard, play and WIN.  Good job Hoyas.   

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